Perila - This Story Does Not Make Any Sense (I Had A Dream I Don't Remember) Self-released Bandcamp Ulla Straus - 40th and Spruce (Single) Self-released Bandcamp Melting Bridge 融化橋 - Teleport (We Come From Tomorrow 我們從明天來) Evening Chants Bandcamp That Night - Binaural Rain (Rain (music and ambience)) Südturm Bandcamp Meitei - Oiran I (Kofū) Kitchen Label Bandcamp Khotin - Your Favourite Buildings (Finds You Well) Ghostly International Bandcamp Malibu - Isle Of Us (VA - A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North) Geographic North Bandcamp Oliver Coates - Soaring X [feat. Malibu] (Skins n Slime) RVNG Intl Bandcamp Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena - Peach (VA - A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North) Geographic North Bandcamp Félicia Atkinson - The Rain (Takuma Watanabe, Akira Rabelais & Félicia Atkinson - Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed) DL Inpartmaint Inc Javier Hernando - Novilunar (Jardín Náufrago) La Olla Express Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti - Alla Olad! (u,i) Fatcat Records Bandcamp Perila - Villard Talk (7.37/2.11) Self-released Bandcamp Loraine James - The Starting Point (Nothing) Hyperdub Bandcamp













INFX “if3” From Consume Your Own Identity (Klammklang) 

Black Burst Sound Generator “Register” From Black Burst Sound Generator (Moozak) 

Johnny Osbourne “Man Of Jahoviah” From Record Store Day Drop #2 (Greensleeves) 

Star Feminine Band “Peba” From Peba (Born Bad) 

Sunken Cages “Sounds Of The Zanzi (iyer Remix)” From Door to the Cosmos (On The Corner) 

Makaya McCraven “Mak Attack” From Universal Beings E&F Sides (International Anthem) 

Café Türk “Şamil” From Café Türk (Zel Zele) 

Varsovia “Entre Velas Encendidas” From Diseñar Y Destruir (Buh) 

Bangladeafy “Harvest” From Housefly (Nefarious Industries) 

Takuma Watanabe “Particle” From Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed (Inpartmaint Inc) 

William Basinski “Tear Vial” From Lamentations (Temporary Residence) 

Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler “Yama” From The Wire Tapper 54 (The Wire) 

Carl Stone “Hinatei” From Stolen Car (Unseen Worlds) 

WaqWaq Kingdom “WaqWaq Maturi” From Dokkoisho (Phantom Limb) 

Adhelm “Plume” From Yasam Rose (tak:til/Glitterbeat)

Toneshift Tuesday #64 including "Sono Jikanni Kakehashiga Umareru" Akira Rabelais × Takuma Watanabe

Richard Chartier for Dublab 'BETWEEN TWO POINTS" Sept 2020 

Tracklist:snd - 23
Porya Hatami - recurring 11 (excerpt)
mHz - sometime after two, somewhere else (excerpt)
summits of the air - radiosport 5-14 (excerpt)
claire m singer - rionnag a tuath
Ben Vida - the untitled (august 2020) (excerpt)
William Basinski - tear vial
rrose - organ study no. 2 (low-high) (excerpt)
olivia block - flue
deborah walker - pharus novae (excerpt)
eva kiertan - vardøger
claire rousay - two things (excerpt)
olivier alary + johannes malfatti - alone, singing
jiyeon kim - organ tapes 1
kate carr - splinters
bj nilsen - vessel
Ryuichi Sakamoto - jd027
Akira Rabelais + Takuma Watanabe - Sono Jikanni Kakehashiga Umareru
jacob kirkegaard & else marie pade - altocumulus
alejandro morse - litmus smog
nicola ratti - 04 04 1 (excerpt)
David Toop - For believing (you were a strange beautiful unearthly creature from a faraway planet)
xareni lizzarraga - El oído interior / El oído del Alma (excerpt)
kmru - change of degree
frank bretschnieder - abstaten_halten c (excerpt)
emile bojesen - living currency (excerpt)
norbert möslang - piano_boccia_1
Monty Adkins - 21 people in my bathroom (21 personas en mi baño) (excerpt)

Yuji Takahashi plays Alban Berg "Piano Sonata op.1"
Peter Zinovieff and then wife Victoria Heber-Percy in 1963