Alan Braufman “Sunrise: Angel Bat Dawid Sunset Remix” (Valley Of Search)

Sourdure “Nostra Foeira” From De Mòrt Viva (Murailles Music/Pagans/Les Disques du Festival Permanent) 

 Nun Gun featuring Mark Stewart “Stealth Empire” From Mondo Decay (Bandcamp)

 Allen Gauff Jr “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” From Greg Belson’s Divine Funk (Cultures Of Soul) 

Dax Pierson “Keflex” From Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) (Dark Entries) 

Elegaic “Vous Et Ici” From Elegaic (All City/UPP) 

Matthew E White & Lonnie Holley “This Here Jungle Of Moderness/Composition 14” From Broken Mirror: A Selfie Reflection (Spacebomb/Jagjaguwar)

Ixna “Somebody Said” From Soul Jazz Presents Two Synths A Guitar (And)

A Drum Machine (Soul Jazz)

Surprise Barbue “Kabukicho” From Kabukicho (Zamzamrec)

Microcorps with Astrud Steehouder “ABII” From XMIT (Mute)

Marcin Pietruszewski “Sieve Voice (VB & CS A)” “Sieve Decantation (ii)” From Auditory Sieve (

Margino “You And Me” From Saturday Night: South African Disco Pop Hits 1981-1987 (Cultures Of Soul)

Crimi “Mano d’Oro” From Luci E Guai (Airfono)

Loshh “Feelam” From ÍFARADÁ (TENNNN)

Azita “If U Die” From Glen Echo (Drag City)

Der Plan “Copy Copy Machine” From Save Your Software (Bureau B)

Alpha Maid “Harry Wants To Imagine A World Without You” From Apocope (CANVAS)

Witch “See You Mama” From Introduction (Now-Again)

Shane Cooper “Happenstance (Static)

Movement 7” From Happenstance (Kit)

Peter Stampfel “Don’t Dream It’s Over” From Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century (Louisiana Red Hot Records) 

Takuma Watanabe “Last Afternoon” From Last Afternoon (Constructive) 

By Emily Bick

Javier Hernando: Noctiluca « Jardin Naufrago » (La Olla Express) Vilde&Inga: X « How Forests Think » (Sofa) Schmo: Gambit « Spring Story » (Flau) Takuma Watanabe: Mada Kokoni Iru « Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Sountrack Recomposed » (Inpartmaint) Jorgen Teller: Gastro Lieder « Six Scores » (Leaky Mansion) Luis Fernandes: Demora II « Demora » (Room 40) Henning Pertiet: Movement 5 « Song For My Father » (Pertiet) Henning Pertiet: Movement 6 « Song For My Father » (Pertiet) Ben Chatwin:Transistor « The Hum » (Village Green) Ben Chatwin: Snow Crash « The Hum » (Village Green) Yair Etziony: Kottbuser Damm « Ensemble » (False Industries)
Late Night Lab met Lore Binon & Aton & Armide met werk van Dominique Pauwels uit Children of Nowhere (Ghost Road 2) van LOD Muziektheater, Jörg Widmann, György Ligeti, Reinhold Friedl en zeitkratzer, Takuma Watanabe, teleferick, Mark Oliveiro, Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour, en als vooruitblik op het Transitfestival van volgend weekend: Frederik Croene, Maarten Buyl en Eva Reiter.

Perila - This Story Does Not Make Any Sense (I Had A Dream I Don't Remember) Self-released Bandcamp Ulla Straus - 40th and Spruce (Single) Self-released Bandcamp Melting Bridge 融化橋 - Teleport (We Come From Tomorrow 我們從明天來) Evening Chants Bandcamp That Night - Binaural Rain (Rain (music and ambience)) Südturm Bandcamp Meitei - Oiran I (Kofū) Kitchen Label Bandcamp Khotin - Your Favourite Buildings (Finds You Well) Ghostly International Bandcamp Malibu - Isle Of Us (VA - A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North) Geographic North Bandcamp Oliver Coates - Soaring X [feat. Malibu] (Skins n Slime) RVNG Intl Bandcamp Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena - Peach (VA - A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North) Geographic North Bandcamp Félicia Atkinson - The Rain (Takuma Watanabe, Akira Rabelais & Félicia Atkinson - Mada Kokoni Iru: Original Soundtrack Recomposed) DL Inpartmaint Inc Javier Hernando - Novilunar (Jardín Náufrago) La Olla Express Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti - Alla Olad! (u,i) Fatcat Records Bandcamp Perila - Villard Talk (7.37/2.11) Self-released Bandcamp Loraine James - The Starting Point (Nothing) Hyperdub Bandcamp